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Inhuman Trials is the third story mission in the Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck downloadable content (DLC) add-on for Borderlands 3.


"Only one key yet remains, locked behind the pain that destroyed what Krieg once was, and the loss that twisted what was left. Somewhere in this memory, there's a mask."



  • Take orb
  • Place orb
  • Enter memory
  • Reach Hyperion Gate
  • Gather loader parts (4)
    • Find loader legs
    • Find loader arms
    • Find loader torso
    • Find loader eye
  • Assemble loader
    • Assemble left loader leg
    • Assemble right loader leg
    • Assemble loader torso
    • Assemble left loader arm
    • Assemble right loader arm
    • Assemble loader eye
  • Wait for loader
  • Enter Hyperion Gate
  • Journey through Mind Chaos
  • Kill Wardwatcher Beta
  • Secure area
  • Go to electrified door
  • Turn off power
  • Journey into memory
  • Shut down experiment (3)
  • Approach patient
  • Exit lab
  • Journey through Mind Chaos
  • Kill Wardwatcher Alpha
  • Secure area
  • Deactivate gas
  • Journey through Mesmeria
  • Kill Hyperion officers
  • Deactivate gas
  • Kill berserk patients
  • Kill security loaders
  • Exit lab
  • Journey through Mind Chaos
  • Secure area
  • Stand back
  • Wait for tea party
  • Kill Dr. Benedict
  • Free Krieg
  • Release Krieg
  • Enter door
  • Pick up mask
  • Return to The Psychoscape
  • Talk to Sane Krieg
  • Place mask




  • Mission items:
    • Green Orb - Where might this one lead?
    • L3GGT-L4RRY's Legs - Good for standing. Walking. Running. Stomping. You name it.
    • TOUCHY-54NDY's Arms - They're always... touching things... in places.
    • B1G-CH357-D4ADDY's Big Chest - It's not actually that big. Relatively speaking.
    • I-S33-YOU's Watchful Eye - It's like it's staring into your very soul.
    • Golden Mask

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