Infusion is a tier 1 passive skill in Amara's Fist of the Elements skill tree. This skill converts a portion of damage dealt by Amara's weapons into elemental damage of the same type as her Action Skill element.


  • Converted Damage: +8% per rank

Rank 1 2 3 4 5
Converted Damage +8% +16% +24% +32% +40%

Usage & description

Infusion reduces a weapon's original element damage by 8% per rank and adds 8% with Amara's action skill element. For example, if the weapon's element is Shock but Amara's action skill element is Fire, the weapon will deal 92% shock and 8% fire damage. This applies to both impact damage and Status effect damage.

This can have advantages but also disadvantages. It is most useful if the weapon doesn't have the desired element, most notably with non-elemental weapons like Jakobs guns. For example, converting 40% of its non-elemental damage to fire will significantly increase its damage output against flesh targets.

Having a weapon deal damage of two different elements at the same time gives a chance of applying two different status effects at the same time, which is beneficial to the Violent Tapestry skill.

It is disadvantegeous when Cryo or Radiation is desired, because Amara can't have these elements as her action skill element. With 5/5 in Infusion, a Cryo or Radiation weapon can only do 60% of its damage in that element, the rest will be whatever Amara's action skill element is (fire, shock, or corrosive).

If Amara's action skill matches the weapon's element, impact damage will be the same as if Infusion wasn't used, for example 60% fire + 40% fire = 100% fire. However, since status effect damage is calculated separately for both portions, and an enemy can never suffer from two status effects of one element at the same time, status effect damage is reduced to 60%. This means that if Amara's action skill element is the same as the weapon's element, impact damage is unaffected while status effect damage is actually decreased. In this case, Infusion is a pure disadvantage.


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