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Infected Sprouts are enemies introduced in Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC. They are found in all but two of the areas in the DLC.


As Colonel Hector's vision of "paradise" spreads across Pandora, many species were infected. Bandits were no exception and their bodies are covered with mutated plant growth.

Infected Sprouts and Infected Badass Sprouts are pint-sized enemies with their right arms transformed into a mallet, double-spiked weapon or a single large spike. They spawn from Infected Pods.

As Infected Sprouts and Infected Badass Sprouts spawn with varying levels of infected growth coverage, they cannot be distinguished just by appearance.



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Infected Sprouts and Infected Badass Sprouts are primarily melee attackers but will launch a number of slag-charged pods at their target if at medium to long range. Because of their small stature and somewhat erratic movement, they may be more difficult to hit.

Badass Infected Sprouts are a more dangerous variant with higher health, but follow the same attack patterns as their regular cousins.

Being human mutants that are never equipped with shields, they are weak to incendiary damage.


  • Unlike Midget Psychos, Sprouts are unable to launch themselves into the air.
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode and in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode they are renamed Infected Sapling and Badass Infected Sapling respectively.
  • Infected Badass Sprouts have an increased chance of dropping the Nirvana when killed.

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