Infected Psychos are enemies introduced in Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC.


As Colonel Hector's vision of "paradise" spreads across Pandora, many species were infected. Bandits were no exception and Psychos now have their bodies covered with mutated plant growth and their right arms transformed into a large spike.



Infected Psychos are exclusively melee attackers and will try to close in on their intended victims as fast as they can in a direct path. Melee strike of their spikes can deal a large chunk of damage. Because of the mutated plant growth on their bodies, Infected Psychos are fairly slow and can be easily kept at a distance while firing at them.

Being human mutants that are never equipped with shields, they are vulnerable to incendiary damage.


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When closing in on the target

  • Five burning for you.
  • Threads and needles stitch the skin.
  • I'd like to speak with the mangler.
  • I have too many eyes.
  • Call me silly 'cause I am a nutcase.
  • My sicker than you had forbidden delights.
  • Varicose vision.
  • Can't help it, I'm getting hell bent.
  • I'm rooting for you!
  • My new concept is warm to table.
  • I gotta high-interest loam.

When attacking

  • Chop!
  • Scraponada!
  • Dice!

When receiving damage

  • Amusement!
  • Ouch! I'm so addicted!

When killed

  • ... and make me your toast butter.
  • Aargh! Have a conversation.


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