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Infected Goliaths are enemies introduced in Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC. They are found in all but two of the areas in the DLC.


As Colonel Hector's vision of "paradise" spreads across Pandora, many species were infected. Bandits were no exception with their bodies being covered with mutated plant growth.



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Infected Goliaths and Badass Infected Goliaths are very large enemies, and neither variant is ever equipped with shields.

Shooting their heads off will enrage Infected Goliaths. Once enraged, they will attack everything in their range, friend and foe alike. Upon killing enemies, Infected Goliaths gain levels, have their health replenished and become physically stronger. With each level gained, they become much more dangerous.

Names of the Infected Goliaths differ depending on their type but follow a similar sequence:

Infected Goliath -> Infected Raging Goliath -> Badass Infected Goliath -> Shocked Infected Goliath -> Ultimate Infected Goliath -> Infected God-liath
Infected Badass Goliath -> Infected Badass Raging Goliath -> Super Badass Infected Goliath -> Shocked Badass Infected Goliath -> Ultimate Badass Infected Goliath -> Badass God-liath

Badass Infected Goliaths are a larger and more dangerous variant with higher health. They are easily distinguished by more of their bodies being covered in infected overgrowth, including large green spikes protruding out of their chests and shoulders. In addition to the attack patterns of their smaller cousins, Badass Infected Goliaths vomit a corrosive substance at their enemies. The corrosive spray deals significant, constant damage, especially to unshielded enemies, but leaves the goliath open to attack at the same time.

Being human mutants that are never equipped with shields, Infected Goliaths are weak to incendiary damage.