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Infected Bruisers and Badass Infected Bruisers are enemies introduced in Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC for Borderlands 2. They are large enemies wielding shotguns and have a mutated left arm that is heavily covered in infected overgrowth, creating a very long extension. These extensions make them limp heavily and move at a slow pace.


As Colonel Hector's vision of "paradise" spreads across Pandora, many species were infected. Bandits were no exception and their bodies are covered with mutated plant growth.



Infected Bruisers are the slow, heavy weapon specialists that move at a walking pace with no regard for their own safety, preferring to rely solely on their own physical resilience rather than seek cover when under fire. This makes them relatively easy to fight as they can be avoided and have their line of sight blocked, but also present a protracted engagement due to their high health.

If their health drops to 20% or lower, they break into a fast run directed at their intended target, after which they release a series of quick melee strikes using both of their arms.

Being human mutants that are never equipped with a shield, they are weak to incendiary damage.

Badass Infected Bruisers are a larger and more dangerous variant with more health, but follow the same attack patterns as their smaller cousins. They are easily distinguished by being covered in more infected overgrowth, including large green spikes protruding out of their shoulders.