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The Infected (occasionally referred to as Boils) are humans who have fallen victim to an affliction known as Space Hurps that infects the Veins of Helios. The Infected have since degenerated into a group of psychotic cannibals roaming the Veins of Helios in search of human flesh to consume. All Infected wear remnants of their old Hyperion uniforms and feature enormous boils infesting their skin.

Infected Units

Notable Infected


Spotting Vault Hunters

  • "Kill them."
  • "That one looks delicious."
  • "I want to eat that."
  • "They sent us food."
  • "Chop them into tiny bits."
  • "Eat,eat,eat,eat,eat."
  • "No-one will hear you scream."
  • "Meal's here."

In combat

  • "You know in cartoons where the character sees his friend who looks like a drumstick because THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE THAT."
  • "Help me."
  • "Getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha."
  • "I was a really good employee."
  • "Zarpedons virus, Zarpedons murders."
  • "She planted the virus, SHE DID THIS TO ME."
  • "I didn't choose insanity, insanity choose me."
  • "Just let me eat you."
  • "Eat them, eat them."
  • "The bugs are in my brain."
  • "I hear the bug still."
  • "I'm famished."
  • "It's Zarpedons fault."
  • "Blame Zarpedon, not me."
  • "Time for space murder."
  • "Statisfy my hunger."
  • "Always starving."
  • "Choke on it."
  • "They wormed in through my ears."
  • "Can I just eat your fingers."
  • "I'm too hungry."
  • "The bugs are in my brain."
  • "I'M NOT CRAZY."

When Vault Hunter retreat:

"Don't leave."

"I miss you."



  • Killing Infected contributes to the 'Dose of Death' challenge.
  • Infected share many traits to the rats of Pandora, including their hunched, sneaky style of movement.
  • The only type of Infected that does not initially wear a helmet to keep its facial boils under control are Badass Boils.
  • Infected are hostile to Lost Legion troops and CL4P-L3K, and will engage them if their attention isn't focused on a Vault Hunter.
  • When Vault Hunters are under the full effects of Space Hurps during the mission Trouble with Space Hurps, Infected will have alternate names (see the mission page for a listing). However, if a Vault Hunter is under the full effect of Space Hurps after the mission is complete, the alternate names will not return.
  • Infected return in Borderlands 3 as uncommon enemies although there is no reference or explanation for their condition. They are fast but extremely frail and can easily be killed in one shot.