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IndoTyrant is a rare-spawn mini-boss encountered in Borderlands 3.


IndoTyrant is a massive Saurian; it appears to be a Ravager scaled up to the size and durability of a Tyrant. It can be found in the north-east flood plains of Floodmoor Basin, between the Lumberton Junction and the transition point to Voracious Canopy. Mysterious phone rings can be heard emanating from it.



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IndoTyrant Glitchy Spawn.jpg

  • The IndoTyrant has an increased chance to drop the Unforgiven, the Gunerang, and the Woodblocker.
  • The IndoTyrant is known to have a glitchy spawn near the extrance of Knotty Peak; it may even spawn inside the building, right after the cutscene that introduces Wainwright Jakobs. This glitch shows that it is passive towards NPCs, and vice versa.


  • The IndoTyrant is a reference to the Indominus Rex, the main antagonist of Jurassic World. The IndoTyrant is a Ravager the size of a Tyrant, while the Indominus was a Raptor/T-Rex hybrid.
  • The phone rings are a reference to the Spinosaurus from the 2001 movie Jurassic Park III.