Indiscriminate is a tier 4 passive skill in Amara's Fist of the Elements skill tree. This skill allows Amara's bullets to ricochet from an enemy to nearby enemies, dealing reduced damage. Ricochet chance and damage are increased if the enemy is under the effect of Phasegrasp or Stillness of Mind.


  • Ricochet Chance: 10% per rank
  • Ricochet Damage: -50%
  • Action Skill Ricochet Chance: 20% per rank
  • Action Skill Ricochet Damage: -25%

Rank 1 2 3
Ricochet Chance 10% 20% 30%
Action Skill Ricochet Chance 20% 40% 60%


Amara skills
Brawl Mystical Assault Fist of the Elements
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