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In the Shadow of Starlight is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Typhon.


"With the help of Typhon and Tannis, you must use the Vault Keys to activate The Machine and stop The Great Vault from opening and releasing The Destroyer. The fate of universe is at stake. You can tell because of all the capital letters."



  • Return to Sanctuary
  • Go to Tannis' lab
  • Place Nekrotafeyo Vault Key
  • Take Nekrotafeyo Vault Key
  • Return to Desolation's Edge
  • Go to The Pyre of Stars gate
  • Place Vault Key
  • Enter The Pyre of Stars
  • Follow Tannis
  • Give Pandora Vault Key
  • Follow Typhon
  • Use Promethea pedestal
  • Follow Typhon
  • Use switch
  • Climb Eridian steps
  • Follow Typhon
  • Use Eden-6 pedestal
  • Go to Eridian geyser
  • Follow Typhon
  • Go to switches
  • Use switch
  • Follow Typhon
  • Use Nekrotafeyo pedestal
  • Go to Tannis
  • Protect Tannis



"Pandora's gonna be ripped apart. And if Tyreen leeches the Destroyer, that'll be the last of our problems. We have to stop her. Typhon bought us our lives, but we are running out of last chances."

Turn In: Lilith


  • Mission item: Vault Key

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