In Perfect Hibernation is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



"Double, double, boil and trouble."
  • Listen to Lazlo
  • Retrieve Lazlo's Freezeasy
  • Follow Lazlo
  • Safely freeze Lazlo's friends: 0/6
  • Collect frozen friend chunks: 0/12
  • Return chunks to Lazlo


This mission is available from Lazlo after completion of Quarantine: Infestation.

Lazlo tasks the Vault Hunters to freeze his "friends" so that he may one day cure them. Lazlo's friends are, in fact, Infected, which attack the Vault Hunters on sight.

To complete the task, Lazlo provides the Vault Hunters with a Freezeasy, a common-quality laser weapon with very low damage and high freeze chance. Upon entering the next room, the Vault Hunters are assaulted by the Infected. As soon as one is frozen, it shatters, and the original objective "Safely freeze Lazlo's friends" is replaced by "Collect frozen friend chunks". A single enemy may drop multiple chunks.

After twelve chunks have been collected, they must be returned to Lazlo's room and placed on a table. The mission can then be turned in to Lazlo himself.


"He'll unfreeze them in the future when he has the technology to rebuild their bodies."

Turn In: Lazlo


  • Mission item: Lazlo's Freezeasy - Freezecubes for the Vault Killers!

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