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In Memoriam is an optional mission in Borderlands 2, given by Lilith after Hunting the Firehawk is completed and she has returned to Sanctuary. A bandit has footage that proves Lilith is alive and he plans to sell it to Hyperion. Lilith wants him to be dealt with.



  • Defeat Boll
  • Pick up Boll's ECHO
  • Locate first ECHO
  • Locate second ECHO
  • Locate third ECHO


The first step is to take out Boll. He is a Rat and will be accompanied by a group of snow skags. Once Boll is dealt with, his ECHO will reveal the dead drop locations where he had placed his evidence footage.

The first ECHO is located at a bandit camp built under a ship, near Boll's place. The ECHO is attached to the anchor hanging down from the ship. Shoot the anchor down to retrieve the ECHO.

The second ECHO is not far from the entrance to Sanctuary. In between the pump and the skag den there will be a dirt outcrop with metal railings and a valve on the side. Activate the valve and the steam will shoot the ECHO out.

The third ECHO is located in the south-east corner of the map, atop some pipes next to a treasure chest.


"With the peeping tom dead and his footage destroyed, Hyperion remains clueless about Lilith's location."

Turn In: Lilith

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