Immolate is a tier 2 skill in Maya's Cataclysm skill tree. It adds Fire to all shots fired while crippled.


  • Fire Damage: +10% per level
Level 1 2 3 4 5
Fire Damage +10% +20% +30% +40% +50%
Level 6 7 8 9 10 11
Fire Damage +60% +70% +80% +90% +100% +110%

Can only be leveled past 5 with Banshee class mods.


  • Using a Moxxi weapon during Fight For Your Life will prevent Immolate from activating as Moxxi weapons will still heal a downed character's health.
    • Despite this, ranks in Sustenance have no bearing on this skill's effectiveness.
  • With Immolate and either the Chulainn or the Florentine, a crippled Maya can use one gun to deal three elemental damage types.
    • Both guns on their own shoot Shock rounds with Slag splash damage. Slag interacts well here to increase incendiary and shock damage as well as damage from possible burn and electrocute status effects.
    • Though Maya will be slagged while wielding the Chulainn, this is negligible during Fight For Your Life. This slag effect lingers briefly after switching weapons and may be buffered from the fully restored shield when obtaining Second Wind.
  • As this skill applies when Maya is at 0 health and not necessarily crippled, Immolate can be achieved outside of Fight For Your Life with items carrying penalties to maximum health, namely a combination of a Hoplite and a Banshee class mod (which can furthermore increase ranks in Immolate). Maya will be protected only by her shield (which she can switch after achieving zero health) but will also deal the greatly enhanced fire damage normally reserved when crippled. Players may consider using an Amplify Shield and fire weapons whose damage can be more than doubled with 11 points in Immolate.



Immolate skill video preview

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