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If You're Not First, You're Last is a challenge in The Dust. The objective is to race around the speedway and jump off the ramp at the end in 25 seconds or less.


Starting from the gate past the Catch-a-ride in the Hodunks' territory, the Runner must follow the track straight, heading around the first turn, then go under the bridge. Immediately after the bridge, there is a short-cut to the right that will shave off enough time to complete the challenge. After the short-cut, the vehicle will be in the clear to jump the ramp. After hitting the jump, the challenge will unlock.

The Afterburner relic is not needed to complete the challenge. The timer for the challenge starts the moment the vehicle goes past the gate and does not stop even if the character leaves the speedway; therefore, if the character fails the challenge, the character must leave The Dust completely or the player must save and quit.


  • Map exploit exists where adventurers can gain access to the speedway even before the Clan War: First Place mission becomes available. Using this exploit, it is possible to complete the challenge without using a vehicle. Walking over to the ramp and across the finish line completes the challenge.