Iceburger is a legendary shotgun in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Hyperion. It can only be obtained from enemies encountered in the Revenge of the Cartels.

Special Weapon Effects

90% of the flavor is under the bun. – Always incendiary. Fires a continuous laser while occasionally launching a burger similar to the Gettleburger. Burgers deal cryo splash damage, fly in an arc and explode on hit, generating 2 more burgers that launch left and right from the original location and explode in a small splash radius.

Usage & Description

The Iceburger is useful on both armored and fleshy targets due to its double element. In enclosed spaces, it can deal damage to bystanders due to its burgers splitting. Each launched burger causes some slight recoil, which can make it harder to aim without recoil reduction perks.


  • Exploding burgers do not damage the character.


  • The Iceburger uses the same weapon skin as the Phebert.
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