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The Icebreaker Heavy is a Maliwan trooper found in Borderlands 3. They are a cryo variant of the Heavy Gunner.



An Icebreaker Heavy is armed with dual Ice-Launchers, capable of firing large frozen projectiles at their targets. They can leap into the air to rapidly close in onto their targets. Similar to other Maliwan Heavies, a number of their attacks leave behind pools on the ground. While the cryo element does not cause a character to take considerable damage in comparison to other elements, the slowdown induced by the cryo-puddles and ice balls can cause them to keep taking damage from other sources, or from the Icebreaker Heavy due to not being able to reliably get away quick enough.

The Icebreaker Heavy is a considerable threat on its own, but is even more dangerous when in a pack with others, particularly other Maliwan Heavies. In this way, it is more of a support for the other Maliwan Heavies by slowing the character down.

Like other Maliwan Heavies, shooting the cryo pack on its pack will cause it to detonate, instantly killing the heavy and leaving a huge cryo puddle on the ground. Anyone who enters the puddle will take cryo damage and be slowed. As it uses the cryo element, it is resistant to cryo damage. It is best to avoid using cryo damage during a fight with an Icebreaker Heavy.


  • There exists a dark variant of the Icebreaker Heavy that can be found serving General Traunt on Nekrotafeyo or on the Slaughterstar 3000. Aside from their name and color scheme, they are functionally the same as their basic counterparts.
    • There also exists a Special Ops variant of the Icebreaker Heavy found at the Maliwan Blacksite at Midnight's Cairn, where they serve as guardsmen for the weapons project Valhalla. Aside from the name and color scheme, the Heavy retains their tactics.
  • In Mayhem Mode and True Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed Frostbite Heavyweight.