Ice Scream is a unique assault rifle manufactured by Vladof. It is the mission reward for Bunch of Ice Holes if the mission is turned in to Nurse Nina.

Special weapon Effects

Winter is numbing. – Always Cryo element. Extremely high Freeze chance. Slightly increased spin-up speed. No movement loss when aiming down the sights. Chimes when fired, mimicking an ice cream truck.

Usage & Description

Ice Scream may appear to be no better than the average Vladof Spingun, but it excels in locking down single or multiple targets with its high freeze chance coupled with the strong fire rate of Vladof guns. Just make sure to aim for a critical hit point to make up for the rifle's low damage.


  • The fire rate of the weapon effects the speed of the chiming, slowing down when fired in bursts, yet speeds up when continuously firing.


  • The red flavor text is a reference to the Game of Thrones book and TV series, in which the phrase "Winter is coming" is common.

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