I Never Miss is a tier 4 skill in Aurelia's The Huntress skill tree. This skill increases sniper rifle critical hit damage with the use of I Never Miss stacks, which are gained by hitting an enemy with a sniper rifle.


  • Sniper Rifle Critical Hit Damage: +0.7% per stack per rank
  • Max Stacks: 999
Level 1 2 3 4 5
Sniper Rifle
Critical Hit Damage
(per stack)


  • Each critical hit grants two stacks of I Never Miss.
  • Stacks are lost only when missing a sniper rifle shot.
  • Achieving 999 stacks and having a class mod granting 6 points of "I Never Miss" grants 7,692.3% Sniper Rifle Critical Hit Damage. Almost 77 shots in one.
  • Deck 13 1/2 has a dummy ideal for grinding up stacks as long as Aurelia has a means of keeping up her ammo pool (Sport hunter class mods or an ally Fragtrap with a Pinata class mod can help).

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