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I Know It When I See It is a side mission in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty.



  • Kill P3RV-E
  • Magazines picked up: 0/5


P3RV-E is a small pink loader in the middle of Washburne Refinery. To reach it one must move through areas patrolled by other loaders, and for this reason corrosive weapons generally make useful armament choices, particularly accurate guns suitable for targeting the joints and optic sensors of the robots.

P3RV-E itself can be found in an area called Lair of the Lecher-Bot, a chamber partially filled with assorted pieces of junk, a handful of loaders, and a few stacks of pornographic magazines. It has two attacks; an optic discharge, and a melee strike. The optic blast does shock damage that depletes shields rapidly, but does only moderate damage to a shield's wearer. The melee attack is harmful and causes a knock back effect that puts a target back into attack range for the optic blast. P3RV-E is not very robust for a badass unit, and quickly falls to a concentrated attack.

Once P3RV-E is defeated its magazine hoard needs to be collected. These are in several bundles scattered around P3RV-E's lair, each denoted by an objective marker on the HUD.


"Even robots need love."

Turn In: Censorbot


  • Mission Item: Magazines - "The finest reading material on Pandora."


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  • "I know it when I see it" is a reference to the test put forth by Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart to determine what is and isn't porn in the written decision of the court case of Jacobellis Vs Ohio (1964) which famously determined that porn was not protected as free speech under the US Constitution and could be censored.