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I Get It for the Articles is a location-based challenge in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty. To perform this challenge in Washburne Refinery, 6 sets of pornographic magazines must be located and collected. It is worth 1 Badass Rank.


The magazines appear in groups of three casually spread out on flat surfaces, and are selected by standing adjacent to them in order to "discover" each set. The first four are on various tables between the Workforce Fabrication Center and the Lair of the Lecher-Bot. The fifth one is in the room beyond the lair down in a hollow with stairs leading out of it. While it can be discovered from the floor, the shelf it sits on is at eye level for Salvador and can be hard to spot unless seen from above. Look for the door with the red light above it. To the left is a table, and left of that is a 3 tier shelf. The magazines are on the middle shelf. The last one is on a table beyond Carbonslag Crater, right before the hole leading back to the entrance.