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I'm Rakkman is a respawnable mini-boss encountered in Borderlands 3.


I'm Rakkman can be found in his hidden rakk cave in the southwest corner of Carnivora. He makes his presence known by beaming a large rakk signal up in the sky above Carnivora.



The rakk cave is flocked with rakks; these can be taken out before the fight.

I'm Rakkman enters from a doorway on the far side of his cave. He has no gun, but he does have an arsenal of tools such as a smoke bomb and a thrown "rakkerang" weapon. He is very fast and aggressive and will relentlessly dive at the character, all the while grunting and shouting. Using his smoke bombs, he can teleport across the map and reappear in melee range for a brutal melee attack that break most shields in an instant. I'm Rakkman can also summon more rakks to aid him.

It is best to kite I'm Rakkman, keeping him as far away as possible while slowing him with cryo damage. Atlas weapons are great at tracking him through his quick movements. He has a surprising amount of health, so he may take a while to go down.

When he gets low he may teleport to a platform above the arena. This can be reached by the character, but it is best to shoot him while he is exposed.


  • In the 2019 Bloody Harvest event, I'm Rakkman was the target of the "I'm Rakkman!" challenge.


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