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The Hyperion Recon Team are a group of soldiers in the employ of Hyperion, and are encountered in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution.


Hyperion, a star-spanning corporate empire in their own right, have found a need to protect their interests on far-flung worlds. They have employed numerous soldiers and outfitted them with high-quality weapons technology and various defensive measures to help carry out Hyperion's orders. A Hyperion force was dispatched to Pandora to deal with the inconvenient uprising of Claptraps.

The Hyperion recon team soon falls victim to the Robot Revolution and becomes claptrapped to swell the ranks of the rebel Claptrap army.


The Hyperion recon team consists of a squad of soldiers sent to the Hyperion Dump in response to the apparent Robot Revolution. They are encountered in a small palisade, under siege by a number of attacking Claptraps.


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  • This is the first known instance of Hyperion sending troops to Pandora before Borderlands 2.

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