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The Hyperion Turret is a fully automated turret used by Hyperion forces.


There are two basic types: static defense and deployable field turret.


Hyperion Turrets rotating barrels shoot about dozen of energy orbs in a quick succession. There is a short pause between the bursts. These energy orbs can quickly deplete even the best of shields. Although less powerful than their bigger cousins, Hyperion Field Turret Mk-II's should not be ignored as they can put a serious dent into Vault Hunter's shield if left unchecked. Deployable type has a shield while the static defense types do not. Both types are weak to corrosive damage.


  • During the The Overlooked: This is Only a Test mission, Vault Hunters are required to fire a Hyperion mortar found at the Aggregate Acquisition, it is effectively enlarged model of the Hyperion Turret.