Hyperion Turret
Hyperion Turret Fixed
Speed 0
Faction Hyperion
Game Borderlands 2
  Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Appearances Thousand Cuts, The Highlands, Tundra Express, Opportunity
Claptastic Voyage, Helios Station, Hyperion Hub of Heroism

The Hyperion Turret is a fully automated turret used by Hyperion forces.


There are two basic types: static defense and deployable field turret. Hyperion Turrets are computer controlled static defense weapons that can operate independently of human controllers. When a target they perceive as an enemy enters their line of sight they will turn to track it and open fire. In Borderlands 2 these can be seen providing point defense in Hyperion-controlled part of the Thousand Cuts, at the entrance to Aggregate Acquisition in The Highlands, on top of the money train during the The Pretty Good Train Robbery mission in Tundra Express, and a few can be found in Opportunity. In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, several can be seen dotted around the Helios Station, and one on top of the Harren Lockup in Hyperion Hub of Heroism. In the Claptastic Voyage DLC several of them are protecting the H-Source at 00773 VAULT EXCAVATION SITE" during the File Search mission.

Hyperion Field Turret Mk-II is smaller version deployed by Hyperion Soldiers.

Hyperion Field Turret

Field Turret

Hyperion Field Turret Mk-XF is a special model deployed by Handsome Jack during The Talon of God story mission. It has advanced optics for targeting and tracking as well as a flamethrower attached on the right side.

Hyperion Field Turret XF

Field Turret XF


Hyperion Turrets rotating barrels shoot about dozen of energy orbs in a quick succession. There is a short pause between the bursts. These energy orbs can quickly deplete even the best of shields. Although less powerful than their bigger cousins, Hyperion Field Turret Mk-II's should not be ignored as they can put a serious dent into Vault Hunter's shield if left unchecked. Deployable type has a shield while the static defense types do not. Both types are weak to corrosive damage.


  • During the The Overlooked: This is Only a Test mission, Vault Hunters are required to fire a Hyperion mortar found at the Aggregate Acquisition. Hyperion mortar is effectively enlarged model of the Hyperion Turret.


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