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For the Hyperion recon team member, see Hyperion Heavy Gunner.

Hyperion Heavy Gunner-Traps are enemies in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution. They are mostly human, but are also part machine, fused with robot parts.


The Hyperion recon team were deployed to Pandora to investigate the uprising and regain control from the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap.


The Hyperion recon team soon falls victim to the Robot Revolution and becomes claptrapped to swell the ranks of the rebel Claptrap army. "-Trapped" soldiers act exactly the same as their normal counterparts but their appearance differs slightly, and their dialogue changes to reflect the change of allegiance. Heavy Gunner-traps wear the "claptrapped" headgear of an assimilated human and have one eye replaced or augmented by a Claptrap optical sensor. Claptrapped Hyperion Heavy Gunners may be found in Sanders Gorge, the Dividing Faults, and the Hyperion Dump (upon returning to the dump after the Hyperion 'Super-Bad' Soldier is killed).



Hyperion Heavy Gunner-Traps move slowly and are easily outmanoeuvred as a result. They do not run for cover, seeking instead to drop their turret and use that for cover while they fight. Typically, the easiest way to deal with a Heavy Gunner-Trap, when the Gunner-Trap's turret is deployed, is to interrupt the turret's line of sight. In close quarters this can simply mean jumping over the turret, or moving around the side, to the turret's rear where it cannot attack. In areas where cover is plentiful, moving into locations where obstructions block the turret, but allow targeting on the Heavy Gunner-Trap. As the turret will disappear when its Gunner-Trap has been killed, it is advisable to first eliminate the Gunner when under extreme duress, although the turret itself may also be destroyed first for additional experience points. Corrosive weaponry is highly effective against Heavy Gunner-Traps.


  • "I feel your pain! And mine!"
  • "That was some special pain!"
  • "Hit me with that again!"
  • "Ooh! Yes!"
  • "Is that the best you can do?"
  • "Feels good"
  • "Good, now I can feel some pain"
  • "Hit me again...harder."
  • "I like it!"
  • "Nice shot!"
  • "Oh! Feels good!"
  • "Oh yeah!"
  • "Pain is my friend!"
  • "Pain is my ally."
  • "Thank you! May I have another?"
Sighting a grenade
  • "Incoming!"
  • "Grenade!"
  • I die for Hyperion!"
  • "The academy didn't train me for this part."
  • "I wasn't all that I could be."
  • " the end?"


  • There is a Badass variant that is visually identical to the regular variant but is slightly larger, with more health, and better weapons.
  • The name of a Hyperion Heavy Gunner-Trap varies with each difficulty level:
    • Playthrough 1: Hyperion Heavy Gunner-Trap
    • Playthrough 2: Hyperion Grenadier-Trap
    • Playthrough 2 complete: Hyperion Grenadier-Trap