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Hyperion Hawks are Hyperion troops who wield rocket launchers in combat.



Hyperion Hawks will mostly spawn in the middle of a wave of enemies. Hawks have very low health compared to other Hyperion personnel and are rarely shielded, but are capable of inflicting extreme damage.

Hyperion Hawks will occasionally take flight when combined with a surveyor. A flying Hawk will fire rockets whilst hovering above the battlefield, thereby increasing the likelihood that their attacks will impact in close proximity to their targets. However, this is a fairly rare sight as Surveyors usually do not attach themselves to Hawks unless there are no loaders nearby to be repaired.


  • Hyperion Hawks have different names for each difficulty level:
    • Normal Mode: Hyperion Hawk
    • TVHM: Hyperion Raptor
    • UVHM: Hyperion Predator
  • A Thoughtlocked Hawk can prove to be a very powerful asset in the thick of combat.