Hyperion Dump is an area in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution.


Common Enemies

Notable Enemies

Weapon Crate Locations

Main article: Hyperion Dump: Weapon Crate Locations

Points of Interest

HDPirate Ship

Pirate Ship

Dominating the skyline of the Hyperion Dump is an enormous galleon. The haphazard construction indicates that it would never be seaworthy.


  • Hyperion Dump has all three types of vending machine represented just inside the entrance to the area.
  • Claptraps emerge from pipes outside the small fort where the Hyperion Soldiers reside.
  • After the Hyperion 'Super-Bad' Soldier is killed, many of the enemies (including the skags) will be claptrapped to serve the robot revolution.


  • The speakers near the transition point between Tartarus Station and Hyperion Dump occasionally shout motivational speeches for the Robolution. They are only audible when very near the speakers themselves, however having subtitles on will allow them to be read regardless of the listener's proximity.