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The Hydra is a unique shotgun manufactured by Jakobs. The Hydra can be obtained as a rare drop from Rouge in Candlerakk's Crag.

Special Weapon Effects[]

5 heads of Death! – Very high pellet count. Spread forms five groupings in a horizontal line.

Usage & Description[]

The very high pellet count at the cost of 3 ammo makes this a very ammo-efficient weapon in terms of projectile-to-ammo ratio, firing ~20 pellets at a time. Unfortunately, the spread pattern can almost neutralize this advantage, although it can still be quite effective in dealing with extremely large enemies, or in dealing with multiple targets if multiple critical hit locations are lined up properly. 


  • The Hydra works extremely well with Close Enough skill, allowing Gaige to utilize otherwise lost damage potential.


  • The Hydra is an updated version of the Hydra from Borderlands with an altered rarity and manufacturer.