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Hunter Wolven are large blue Wolven usually seen in the back lines of their packs. They serve as the ranged-focused versions of their race.


Hunter Wolven are the one of the few Wolven with ranged capabilities. They will rarely move in for melee combat, preferring to staying back in the back lines. They will occasionally mount on high elevations like their Wolven Howler brethren. Their ranged attacks involve launching a volley of Cryo spikes at their enemies from a distance to damage and slow them down. Fittingly, they are also resistant to cryo damage.

Hunter Wolven will defend themselves with their claws and teeth if any enemy gets too close. While they aren't directly dangerous, they should be prioritized and eliminated to remove a ranged-support unit from the battle.


In Mayhem Mode and True Vault Hunter Mode they are renamed Huntress Wovengar.