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Hunter-Killer is a Wilhelm's first skill tree, and it is focuses mainly on increasing the firepower and deadliness of Wolf while also increasing Wilhelm's effectiveness while using elemental weapons. This tree also provides benefits to Wolf and Saint's duration and cooldown.

Wilhelm's other skill trees are Cyber Commando and Dreadnought.


Hunter-Killer skilltree small.png
Tier 1
  • Afterburner – Increases Wolf's Air Speed by 6% per level.
    Additionally, +5% Reload Speed and +5% Bullet Velocity per skill level.
  • Fire Support – Increases damage dealt with all gun types by 3% per level, and increases the damage dealt Wolf by 5% per level.
Tier 2
  • Venom BoltsWolf Ability. Wolf's shots have a chance (10% initially, +5% per skill level) to be Venom Bolts, which deal Corrosive Damage.
    Additionally, you gain +2% per level Corrode Chance and +4% per level Corrode Damage, with guns and grenades.
  • SuppressionKill Skill. Killing an enemy gives you a 6% per level and Wolf a 15% per level increased fire rate for a short time.
Tier 3
  • Laser Guided – When you activate Wolf and Saint, or press the action skill button (LB/L1/F by default) while they are active, Saint will Paint the target under your reticle. Wolf will focus attacks on the currently Painted target, and the target will suffer +25% damage from all sources for a period of 8 seconds.
    If a target is killed while Painted, 5 seconds will be added to Wolf and Saint's Duration.
Tier 4
  • Rolling Thunder – While Wolf is alive, you will gain a stack of Rolling Thunder every 5 seconds, Wolf's Damage is increased by 2% per stack per skill level.
  • Kill SwitchWolf Ability. Whenever Wolf is recalled, is destroyed, or expires, he dive-bombs at enemies with explosive effect!
  • Scramble – When Wolf is destroyed, it is replaced once for free, and initial 30% time will be added to Wolf and Saint's Duration with additional +5% per skill level.
Tier 5
  • Cold War – When you Electrocute, Ignite, or Corrode an enemy, there is a 5% per level chance for the target to Freeze as well.
    Additionally, you gain increased Freeze chance by +2% per level when using Cryo weapons.
  • Escalation – Increases your Critical Hit Damage by 5% per skill level. Additionally, landing critical hits on enemies reduces the remaining cooldown of Wolf and Saint by 0.60 seconds at each Critical Hit per level. This effect has a 6 second cooldown.
Tier 6
  • Omega StrikeWolf Ability. Cause Wolf to periodically launch deadly missile strike against its targets.

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