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Hunter's Grotto is the starting location of Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt in Borderlands 2.

Hunter's Grotto is a large cavern in the continent of Aegrus. Once a Dahl mining site now a hostile land with Wetland Drifters and savage humans. Terrain in this area is primarily swamp-like with moss filled ponds.



Common Enemies[]

Notable Enemies[]

Points of Interest[]

The Aegrus Sophisticates' Lodge[]

The Aegrus Sophisticates' Lodge is a wooden stilt lodge in the middle of Hunter's Grotto, which serves as Sir Hammerlock's base of operations. It contains a fast travel station, a trio of vending machines, a Seraph Vendor, a bounty board, and Sir Hammerlock himself, once the location has been found and cleared of savages. A catwalk and path connects the lodge to Hammerlock's Camp hidden in a cave nearby, and another rocky path on the other side leads down to the valley floor and a Catch-A-Boat terminal.

Hammerlock's Camp[]

Hammerlock's Camp is little more than a cave behind a pair of big old doors. The heavy doors are reminiscent of those installed by the Dahl corporation in mining operations across Pandora, suggesting the cave may have been connected with earlier excavations; whatever their history, they create a secure enough space for use by residents or visitors at the nearby hunting lodge.




  • There is a chest in the broken bridge from the connection to Ardorton Station. The chest is on the bridge with an extremely wide gap. It can be accessed with grenade jumping, a method of having no grenade mod equipped, throwing it at the ground, and jumping right before detonation. This must be performed whilst running to make the jump.