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House of the Ned is the third mission you encounter in Jakobs Cove in the expansion Zombie Island of Dr. Ned (DLC).




Find and contact Dr. Ned in the bayou.
  • Dr. Ned contacted: 0/1
" There is a note on the door to Dr. Ned's office. The fine print reads: 'Screw this. I'm not hanging around here to get killed. I can protect myself better at home. If any fool finds this, I'm at my place in the bayou. Good luck reaching me, though. Just stay away. It's safer if you don't try to get to me.'"


  1. Head east towards the Hallow's End transition point.
  2. Once you transition you can see the waypoint on your map. Initially it looks fairly close but it's not that easy. You should see the signs for "Creepy Treehouse", that's your destination. You will have to fight your way south and around until you can cross a bridge. Part of the way there you will see a ledge that you can jump on and it is harder for the zombies to reach you.
  3. As you fight your way to the bridge, get ready. When you reach the bridge a bunch of zombies come out to attack you. A rocket launcher and some grenades come in handy here, but save your grenades.
  4. Fight your way into the compound and trigger the communication device next to the lift. Dr. Ned will start sending down the lift. You're in for a fight now! Once he starts hand cranking the lift down, zombies start swarming out to attack you. You will have to survive several waves.
  5. If you live, the elevator eventually arrives. Enter and activate the switch to go up. Enter and talk to Dr. Ned.


"Dr. Ned made a terrible mistake and needs your help to fix it."

Additional Information


Some time in Ned will stop handcranking and the counter balance (a boulder) will go some feet up and you have to wait even more.

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2nd Playthrough

  • Level = ?
  • Reward = XP, Money, Item


  • Obvious play on the title "House of the Dead" an arcade video game.

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