Hot Karl is a respawnable mini-boss encountered in Borderlands 3. He can be found in a small COV camp north from the Roland's Rest. He is also on Zer0's Atlas' Most Wanted list.



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  • Hot Karl coming for you!
  • Watch out for Hot Karl!
  • Don't search for my name. Seriously!
  • You ain't going nowhere!
  • You're about to get some heat!
  • Just buurn!
  • Asshole!
  • That's a hot one! (being shot at)
  • Hot Karl... am I? (dying)


  • Hot Karl has an increased chance to drop the unique Hot Drop rocket launcher and the legendary Sledge's Shotgun.
  • Hot Karl is completely immune to incendiary damage.


  • A "Hot Karl" is a supposed sexual act involving defecating on the partner's face. Hot Karl himself mentions "not to search for his name, seriously", due to the disturbing origin of his name.

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