Hot Head is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



"This guy's more steamed than a vegetable. Or a twelve year old on ECHOnet Live."
  • Find Dean
  • Open closet
  • Talk to Dean
  • Cool Dean down


Upon accepting this mission, a cryo-elemental Maliwan Pistol is provided as a mission weapon.

Dean can be found inside a locked closet in the World of Shopping area in the northern part of the Hyperion Hub of Heroism. A switch on the wall to the left of the door will open the closet. Beware that though Dean is not armed, the Lost Legion soldiers nearby may pose a threat to the Vault Hunter.

The objective instructs the character to talk to Dean, who refuses to give in and continues ranting. At this point, the character needs to attack him with a cryo weapon, which freezes him into an ice statue. Once done, the character can turn in the mission.


"Good thing you were able to nip that in the bud."

Turn In: Bounty board

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  • Dean is a hostile NPC and counts as an enemy, although he will not attack the character. Damaging him with non-cryo weapons will not display damage numbers nor deplete his health, but they may be able to trigger certain effects that are activated by damaging enemies.
    • When frozen, Dean is registered as being killed, with shattered ice pieces (usually found when defeating a frozen enemy) appearing and he can drop loot.
    • Dean will remain frozen for the rest of the game after this mission.


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