Hostile Takeover is a story mission in Borderlands 3.


"The Calypsos want to open a Vault on Promethea, so we need to beat them to it. We'll need to make friends with Atlas Corporation if we want to find the Vault. But Atlas has its own set of megacorp-sized problems that could be solved by a gun-wielding go-getter such as yourself."



  • Talk to Ellie.
  • Use drop pod.
  • Answer distress call
  • Talk to Lorelei
  • Contact Rhys
    • Follow Lorelei
    • Talk to Lorelei
    • Digistruct vehicle
    • Travel through Meridian Spillways
    • Destroy hover wheel technical
    • Pick up echo log
    • Travel through Meridian Spillways
    • Follow Lorelei
    • Talk to Lorelei
    • Defend civilians
    • Liberate Watershed Base
      • Open base door
      • Kill Maliwan Pyros
  • Find Atlas operative
    • Follow Lorelei
    • Talk to Lorelei
    • Digistruct vehicle
    • Talk to Zer0
  • Secure Maliwan weapons depot
    • Defeat Maliwan security bots
  • Lower security field
  • Defeat Maliwan counterattack
  • Loot weapons depot
  • Pick up Holoblade Upgrade
  • Take gun from Zer0
  • Give Zer0 Holoblade Upgrade
  • Access Gigamind
    • Meet Zer0 at Halcyon Spaceport
  • Kill Gigamind
  • Take Gigamind's Gigabrain
  • Return to Watershed Base
  • Contact Rhys
  • Insert Gigabrain onto Gigareader

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