The Hornet is a legendary repeater pistol manufactured by Dahl.

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Special Weapon Effects

Feel the Sting – Fires two-round bursts of corrosive rounds.

Usage & Description

The Hornet's elemental accessory is notable because it doesn't trade raw power for its elemental effect. It manages to increase damage along with a strong elemental effect as well. The Hornet is similar to combat rifles in that it fires in bursts. It does however get a huge fire rate boost, meaning that with proper handling the Hornet will fire faster than an equivalent repeater pistol.


The Hornet effect comes from the acc5_Hornet_Dahl_Corrosive accessory, which is based on acc5_Corrosive, but with (much) more damage, more tech, and burst fire. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.


  • If The Dove's barrel spawns with the Hornet's accessory, the weapon will have the special effects from both: two-round bursts with zero ammo consumption. It will always appear as a BLR Hornet; however, not all BLR Hornets spawn with The Dove's barrel, and will therefore consume ammo as normal if they have any other barrel.
  • The in-game code suggests that the Hornet was originally supposed to have homing bullets, which would target the nearest foe. This ability never made it into the final game.
acc5_Hornet_Dahl_Corrosive acc5_Corrosive
Damage: +15%
Tech Level: +10
Recoil: +100%
Fire Rate: +150%
Damage: -40%
Tech Level: +6
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