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Homeopathological is an optional mission in Borderlands 3. It is available to the after completing The First Vault Hunter,

Find your inner harmony. Oh, and get Typhon's research back.
— In-game description



  • Go to Tern's office
  • Use intercom
  • Align your energy
  • Enter Sanctum
  • Lie on the couch
  • Melee paint can
  • Melee canvas
  • Talk to Tern when finished
  • Open Box of Tranquility
  • Kill Tern - OR - Remain non violent
  • Take memory core
  • Give core to Sparrow



Turn in: Sparrow


  • Shields and character skills with automatic retaliation effects (bullet reflection, nova shields, Do unto Others skill, etc.) must be unequipped to complete the pacifist option, as the retaliatory damage will force the character into the violent option.
  • In Normal Mode, if Amara is over-leveled and has skill points in her Clarity skill, the pacifist option will only be available if Tern kills himself since the health regeneration will exceed Tern's damage output.
  • It is possible to complete the pacifist option without dying by letting Tern kill himself with splash damage from his rockets. However, this is very difficult to achieve unless the character has high health or health regeneration.
  • Although not shown on the screen, a regular reconstruction fee is charged if Vault Hunters choose the non-violent option.
  • Being revived will render the peaceful option unachievable. This means FL4K will have difficulty completing the peaceful option if they have an active pet and the Lick the Wounds skill, but can do so by moving away from the pet who will try and fail to revive FL4K.


  • The mission's name is a portmanteau of “Homeopath” and “Pathological”.
  • Tern describes the Vault Hunter as “Stuck in an endless loop of violence and material acquisition”. This is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Borderlands' combat-based loot system.
  • Originally in the base game, the weapon found in the “Box of Tranquility” will always be at level 50. A character at level 50 prior to the mission will not change Tern's dialogue. The items level will match the current level cap, which is 60 as of the release of Bounty of Blood.