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Home Movies is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Lilith.



  • Reach Opportunity
  • Pick up surveyor lures 0/3
  • Place lures on Jack's signs 0/3
  • Murder engineers 0/5
  • Obtain Hyperion supply beacon
  • Place orbital beacon
  • Await crane destruction
  • Reach Co-Opportunity Center
  • Plug in camera
  • Upload footage


Lilith wants the Hyperion propaganda videos in Opportunity replaced. The first three objectives can be completed in any order.

The surveyor lures are on top of a building near the starting point. Once these are retrieved, the next objective is to tag a set of Handsome Jack cardboard cutouts with the lures. This will summon surveyors that will then destroy the displays.

The lunar supply beacon is inside one of the crates at the Orbital Delivery Zone. When this is retrieved it must be taken to the end of the causeway beyond the Waterfront District where an incomplete structure is being constructed across the water, and placed near the crane. The resulting supply drop will destroy the crane, completing the objective.

Once these objectives are complete, Lilith ECHOs a transmission to head to the Co-Opportunity Center. The objective is on the lower levels of Opportunity, and guarded by Hyperion Snipers. With the snipers out of the way the video is then uploaded into the system, completing the mission.


"You've convinced the rest of the universe that Jack's big, shiny city is actually a big, shiny deathtrap. You also touched Moxxi's camera, which means you should probably wash your hands. With acid."

Turn In: Lilith


  • Home Movies cannot be completed after Claptrap is talked to at the beginning of Where Angels Fear To Tread and The Talon of God.
  • The pirate upload will continue to play in the city throughout the rest of the game after the mission has been completed.
  • Mission Items:
    • Homing Beacon - "A homing beacon used to control movement of Hyperion surveyors."
    • Moxxi's Dirty Camera - "A camera used for many dirty things."
    • Orbital Supply Beacon - "A beacon used to call in Hyperion orbital supply drops."
  • The Hyperion Snipers in the Co-Opportunity Center may not react until damaged or a Vault Hunter moves deep into the room.
  • The container called down by the supply beacon contains a red Hyperion weapons chest.

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