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Home Delivery is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Help Sir Hammerlock smuggle some creatures down to Pandora.



"This is one of those situations where nothing bad can possibly come from it."

  • Find creature nest
  • Kill adult threshers: 0/6
  • Capture frozen threshers: 0/2
  • Talk to Seymour
  • Plant threshers in rocket: 0/2
  • Launch rocket


The second part of the mission requires Vault Hunters to freeze the baby threshers without killing them. If a cryo weapon is unavailable, or the threshers are killed too quickly, there are Cryo Vines within the cave that can freeze the threshers quickly while causing negligible damage. This is no small task however, as threshers are much more likely to lob ranged projectiles than chase Vault Hunters to a Cryo Vine.


"Something something ecology something ruined something something for money."

Turn in: Seymour


  • At the end of the mission, Sir Hammerlock says he may have made a mistake, in that the threshers had developed a taste for human flesh. He brushes it off as nothing, noting how small they are, and noting that he named one Terry.
    • However, as revealed in Borderlands 2, Terry became so large that he qualifies as a raid boss.
    • Hammerlock had a nasty encounter with Old Slappy, who ate his entire arm.

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