For the Borderlands 2 location, see The Holy Spirits.

Holy Spirits is an optional mission in Borderlands 3.


"The Order of the Impending Storm relies on this distillery for... well, booze. You have to save the Holy Spirits contained within fro an infestation of filthy ratch!"



  • Follow brother Mendel.
  • Clear ratch gunk: 0/3
  • Kill ratch brood mothers: 0/3
    • + Harvest intoxicated ratch livers: 0/5
  • Take bell striker
  • Repair bell
  • Ring bell
  • Return to Mendel
    • + Place intoxicated ratch livers


  • Mission item: Bell Striker
  • If optional objectives are completed, Vault Hunters are rewarded with bonus $$1312 and access to a Red Chest.

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