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Clan leaders, Tector and Jimbo

The Hodunk clan is a large extended family of rednecks primarily obsessed with fast cars, but also interested in moonshine liquor, procreation, heavy gauge weapons, and feuding with their arch enemies, the Zaford clan. Headed up by their clan leaders Tector & Jimbo Hodunk, the voice and the brains respectively, the Hodunks are a proud and boisterous brand of trailer trash.

The emblem of the Hodunk clan is an image of a buxom woman, seated with one leg raised in the air, later adopted by Scooter as a logo for the Catch-a-Ride.


The Hodunks have maintained a bitterly acrimonious feud with their Zaford rivals for decades, but in the years leading up to the opening of the first Vault managed to uphold a tenuous truce. The truce proved to be little more than a temporary ceasefire however, when after the death of the Zafords' prodigal son Lucky, the Hodunks came under suspicion as the prime suspects in his murder. This was unsurprising as the real culprit, Scooter, had indeed been a Hodunk, but had been estranged from the clan for some time before Lucky's murder (Moxxi had removed herself and her children to prevent Ellie from becoming the next "clan wife"). By the event of Borderlands 2, the feud between the clans subsequently bloomed into a gradually escalating spiral of violence by Ellie, who, assisted by the Vault Hunters, began pitting both clans against each other.


Former Members


  • Along with the Irish-like Zafords, the Hodunks resemble a commonly-stereotyped group of people that have been and/or are subject to discriminatory treatment, especially in America. In the United States, "southerners", specifically people from anywhere south of Maryland and east of the Ohio river, are the object of discrimination, especially in the northeast. Among the stereotypes about southerners is a hillbilly accent, low intelligence and incestuous relationships, the last of which is reflected by Mick Zaford's comment about the Hodunks getting "to second base with their sisters" at the beginning of the Clan War: First Place mission.
  • Since Tector Hodunk appears in Tales from the Borderlands, which takes place after Borderlands 2, it can be confirmed that the Hodunk Clan survived the final showdown whist the Zaford clan was destroyed.