Hive Mind is a legendary rocket launcher in Borderlands manufactured by Gearbox.

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Special Weapon Effects

That's gonna leave a Marx – +300% burst fire count.

Usage & Description

Each pull of the trigger fires three rockets in rapid succession. Performing a melee attack or reloading the weapon will stop the consecutive firing, which is useful to help conserve ammo and reduce the chance of getting caught in the blasts.



  • The Hive Mind is exclusive to the GOTY Enhanced edition of Borderlands. It is obtainable from any loot source and Crawmerax the Invincible.
  • Any new character created in Borderlands GOTY Enhanced edition will have two of the six legendary weapons exclusive to Borderlands GOTY Enhanced edition, chosen at random.
  • Along with the other 5 weapons added in with the Borderlands GOTY Enhanced edition, the Hive Mind has a 1/6 chance to spawn in the middle chest that spawns in The Vault after killing The Destroyer.
  • All of the six legendaries added to Borderlands GOTY Enhanced edition are able to drop from the golden chest in Fyrestone.
  • The Hive Mind is bugged and cannot benefit from Class Mods that boost rocket launcher stats (i.e Marine or Bombardier Reload Speed and Fire Rate/Ammo Regeneration).


  • The flavor text references Karl Marx, a political theorist and revolutionary.
    • The flavor text is also a play on the phrase "That's gonna leave a mark"


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