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Hidden Journals is an optional mission in Borderlands 2.


"Patricia Tannis, the antisocial archaeologist, has two habits. Firstly, she records every detail of her various psychoses into audio journals. Secondly, she hides those audio journals out of paranoid terror. She has hidden a set of journal entries in The Highlands and needs you to retrieve them for her."
Hidden Journals of the Highlands Map

Map with the ECHO locations marks


  • Pick up Tannis's ECHOs: 0/4


The mission involves collecting Patricia Tannis' ECHO recordings scattered throughout The Highlands.

The first ECHO is on a dinghy in Old Cranky's pond. Aside from some light skirmishing with a few loaders and stalkers to reach the pond, a Badass Pyre Thresher will spawn when the hut over the pond is approached. The hut can provide some cover when dealing with the thresher. The perimeter warning will be triggered some distance from the ECHO, but it is within reach and can be retrieved safely.

The second ECHO is located under Blake Bridge. There are stairs leading underneath to a precarious jump from one beam to another to reach an isolated room. While falling from the beam is not hazardous, there are threshers in the sand below. The ECHO also happens to be physically close to some lootable objects on the other side of the wall, so it may be sucked through the wall if ammo is collected by group pick up before any attempt is made to collect it directly.

The third ECHO is in a room with an electrical fence located in Aggregate Acquisition. The fuse box for the fence is on the tower directly above the room and the room is reached by dropping down from the dirt path after a constructor is encountered.

The fourth ECHO is in a moonshot container located in Frothing Creek Mill. The stalker piles holding a side panel has to be broken for the ECHO to be accessed.


"You retrieved Tannis's journals, learning quite a bit about nosebleeds in the process."

Turn In: Patricia Tannis

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  • The third ECHO can become inaccessible in the container when the back door fails to open. The workaround is to save and exit the game.
  • Text of 'Hidden Journals' item reads: "Wherein Tannis recounts her first few weeks in Sanctuary."
  • It is possible to get a vehicle into Old Cranky's Pond by going through the rocks by the waterfall. Doing so will affect the battle with the badass in the pond; it will only come out once a Vault Hunter exits the car.