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Hidden Journal: The Arid Badlands is the first of several missions in Borderlands to journal hunt for an as yet unknown Patricia Tannis. It becomes available on Fyrestone Bounty Board after Bone Head's Theft is complete.


"This is Patricia Tannis, calling for anyone with two brain cells to rub together. I hid five of my Data Recorders in the Arid Badlands, but now I've decided I want them back. Listen to each one, and your ECHO device will record them. Once you have all five recordings, upload them to the bounty board."



Hidden Journal The Arid Badlands

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Download 5 Log Entries from Data Recorders in the Arid Badlands.
  • Journal Day 1
  • Journal Day 43
  • Journal Day 76
  • Journal Day 119
  • Journal Day 172


Acquire the mission from the bounty board, follow the way point markers, collect the Data Recorders and turn in the mission.
  • Journal Day 1: The first journal entry is in Bone Head's camp behind Fyrestone. Fend off Bone Head and his bandits, then remove the Data Recorder from a post in front of a gas tank.
  • Journal Day 43: The second entry is beside red weapon chest in the bandit camp next to Fyrestone Coliseum.
  • Journal Day 76: The third entry is in the Zephyr Substation on the roof of the middle building. The Data Recorder is in red container next to the tent.
  • Journal Day 119: The fourth Data Recorder is on the watchtower near the gate that needs to be opened to return from The Piss Wash Hurdle.
  • Journal Day 172: The final entry by the large bandit camp in the middle of Arid Badlands. There are various bandits and some Rakk at this location. The data recorder can be found in between some barrels in front of the bandit huts.


"Thank you for returning my journal recordings. I know that you listened to them, so now I ask that you apply blunt force trauma to your head until you forget what you heard. Those journals are private and personal."

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  • Each Journal entry's item card is marked with a humorous or odd message:
    • Tannis Journal Entry (Day 1): It's one of Tannis' lost journal entries.
    • 88Tannis Journal Entry (Day 43): It looks like it was clawed by a wild animal at some point.
    • 8Tannis Journal Entry (Day 76): Oddly, it's labeled 'Mix Tape'.
    • 8Tannis Journal Entry (Day 119): Looks like it was dropped from a great height.
    • 8Tannis Journal Entry (Day 172): There's a lipstick mark on it.
  • The contents of the recordings can be found on this page.


  • Mix Tape is a reference to cassette tapes which were home made selections of music.