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Download 5 Journal Entries from Data Recorders in Rust Commons West.


  • Journal Day 224 found
  • Journal Day 321 found
  • Journal Day 457 found
  • Journal Day 481 found
  • Journal Day 493 found

Quest Information

This is Patricia Tannis, calling for anyone with two brain cells to rub together. I hid five of my Data Recorders in Rust Commons West, but now I've decided I want them back. Listen to each one, and your ECHO device will record them. Once you have all five recordings, upload them to the bounty board.


Time to go on another Journal hunt. Fast Travel to the Underpass, or go get it at the start. Head northwest from the Underpass, past the windmill, to the bandit camp with 3 huts. Journal 224 is in a small open box under a mini tent, and get out fast. Head south down the sludge river a short ways to a plant complex. Journal 321 is on the left, sitting on a pair of covered boxes. Head down the river, under the plant, and to the next small patch of land in the river. There will be a shack on your left with 3 flowers growing outside. Inside is Journal 457. Keep heading down the river, making a left at the fork. Go up the hill and stay to the left at the fork with the arrow pointing right. Hug the wall on the right from here until a turret starts aiming at you with a laser. Climb up the open winding stairs all the way to the top and get Journal 481 from the wall of the closed little office at the top. For the last Journal entry, you have to go back the way you came and hang along the right wall this time. Through a small sludge puddle, past the junk pile sitting in the middle of nowhere is a small camp. Under a red tarp is the last Journal, number 493. Return to the board for your reward.


Thank you for returning my journal recordings. I know that you listened to them, so now I ask that you apply blunt force trauma to your head until you forget what you heard. Those journals are private and personal.

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