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Here We Go Again is another investigation mission, handed out by the Jakobs Cove Bounty Board after completing the previous mission. Jakobs Corporation has apparently sent four more people to stop the zombies who have not returned.


It seems that the Jakobs Corporation is looking for more information about what occurred.



Find out what happened to the others who came to stop the zombies.
  • Moron found: 0/1
  • Newb found: 0/1
  • Wuss found: 0/1
  • Chump found: 0/1
"To whomever discovers the circumstances of Jackie O'Callahan's death: HR has informed me that there were four others like yourself who were hired to deal with the issue. These employees also seem to have run into some difficulties. Try to determine what happened to them."


Moron found - Joe Gamerski, ECHO recorder, along path.
Newb found - Harry, ECHO recorder next to corpse in a barrel next to house at the drawbridge.
Wuss found - Dirk Smallwood, ECHO recorder is next to the entrance to Jakobs Lumber Mill.
Chump found - Jethro Shedd, ECHO recorder is next to The Mill transition point.
Basically there are four adventurers like yourself that visited the Lumber Yard in an attempt to rid the zombie problem. Each one is dead now and to complete the quest you need to find the four echo recordings (One near each dead body). The Echo recordings are in the lumber mill along the path to fight Dr. Ned.


"Well, at least we can clear those items from our accounts payable. Let's hope that you don't meet a similar grisly demise - but if you do, could you try to get word to us in your last moments so that we can handle the resulting paperwork? That would be great."

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2nd Playthrough

  • Level = 44
  • Reward = 9936 XP, $183,021, No Item

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Here is a map of the area with prominent items marked.


  • The mission is obviously a sly nod to the famous children's television series "Scooby-Doo" In which it seems Harry is "Shaggy" from the series and Skaggy is "Scooby-Doo".
  • Steve (from the Claptrap Web Series) is in one of the ECHO recordings along the way. Another ECHO recording is named after his catchphrase, being simply titled "Heyo".
  • Dirk Smallwood is likely a reference to the main playable character of RTsoft's 1997 adventure/RPG game Dink Smallwood.
  • The "That would be great" close to the mission's finishing statement likely comes from the character of Bill Lumbergh in the movie Office Space. Lumbergh was the stereotypical micromanaging boss, "politely asking" his employees to have to do something undesirable and finishing off the statement with "That would be great." Since Jakobs is "politely asking" the player to submit paperwork just before dying, the reference seems clear.

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