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Herbert is an NPC in the Borderlands 2 DLC, Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty. He used to work for Captain Scarlett before she fired him, and subsequently has a piece of the compass leading to Captain Blade's treasure.

He is extremely obsessed with Scarlett, and has a shrine to her in his home in The Rustyards. Several of his ECHO recordings reveal the depths of his obsession, from terrible attempts at poetry, to recording her snoring.


Herbert is sought out for his compass piece, and once found he offers a mission launching the next chapter of the story. He sends the Vault Hunters on a trip to recover some adhesive to restore his shattered piece of the compass, and hopefully win the affections of Scarlett. After the last compass piece is repaired and obtained from him, players can fulfill an optional mission objective by delivering Scarlett's "present" to him, which turns out to be a live bomb.



When first met
"What are you doing? Scarlett's waiting!"
"How does Scarlett look? Does she look good? I bet she looks good."
"You haven't touched Scarlett, have you? She's mine."
"She'll respect me one day. She has to."
"She'll come around. Oh yes."
"I can smell her on you. (deep inhale) Ahhhhh."
"She will be mine. Oh yes. She will be mine."
"She's MINE!"
"Oh, the way the light hits her hair... nggghghghghnn."
"You're wasting time!"

During the mission
"(sigh of relief)"
"So beautiful."
"Lovely. Lovely, lovely, lovely."
"No! NO!"
"Yes yes YES!"
"What the..."
"Gotta do it. Gotta have it."
"W-What?! Who said that?!"
"Oh, you beautiful thing."


  • Herbert's face/head appears to be a slight re-skin of Crazy Earl's.