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Henry is a mini boss in Borderlands 2 that must be defeated as part of the mission Best Mother's Day Ever. It is a large Spiked Stalker, named after Taggart's mother.

Henry is first mentioned by Taggart in ECHO recordings found in stalker piles, in which it was described as having watched Taggart's camp. Later on it attacked and killed the rest of camp's inhabitants. Eventually Taggart's hands were eaten, and in his final ECHO recording it is revealed Henry had also eaten Taggart.

Henry is killed by the Vault Hunters to obtain Taggart's hands and unlock the box containing his mother's day present.



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  • Henry has a rare chance to drop The Cradle, a Tediore shield.
  • Henry has a chance to drop a very rare purple head for each class.
  • Henry can be killed just after it spawns, resulting in no loot.
  • Phaselocking Henry as it jumps out to attack can result in it becoming stuck under the ground. Any loot it drops in this condition cannot be retrieved.
  • Although a Bandit Technical can be driven into Hunter's Bane where Henry is fought, Henry cannot be harmed by the catapult's explosive barrels.
  • On Day 15 of the Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt, Henry dropped the Tediore pistol, the Gunerang.
  • Henry can drop up to 6 Eridium upon death.
  • Henry is located in the The Highlands-Overlook.