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Helping is its own reward... Wait No it isn't! is the final story mission in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution given by Blake.


"Blake has given you the key to a Hyperion Corporate Gift Shop. Time to see if all the blood, sweat and dead claptraps were worth it."



Helping is its own reward... Wait No it isn't!

Video walkthrough


Go to the Hyperion Corporate Gift Shop.
  • Payment processed


In the gift shop, go behind the counter to the right. Look down until it a prompt to open the floor appears.


"Now this is a gift shop! This secret cache of weapons beats the hell out of some assorted snow globes, shot glasses and cuddly plush skags."


  • There are 18 lootable red chests that respawn after saving and exiting the game, so the chests can be looted indefinitely. This is an easy way of earning the "Envy of Pirates" Challenge.
  • There are three vending machines in the room, so all the items collect can be sold for a large profit. Millions can easily be made by looting, selling, exiting and repeating.
  • It is suspected that the Gift Shop chests contain higher quality loot less-often than their non DLC4 counterparts, this may (however) be due to the sheer amount of chests available.