Hellfire Halitosis is a tier 4 skill in Krieg's Hellborn skill tree. It allows Krieg to breathe a cone of fire in front of him.


Krieg breathes a cone of fire in front of him. The gout of flame resembles a liquid-based flamethrower and the fluid will splash on the ground after travelling a certain distance; the resulting puddles act like Slag and Corrosive residue.

The fire is sprayed over a period of about two seconds, and both Krieg and the camera maintain full mobility during this period, thus the cone can be strafed to spread the damage across multiple targets if so desired.


  • The range of this attack is no greater than that of Krieg's default melee attack.
  • This attack is not affected by any of Krieg's melee skills. It does not, for example, receive a damage boost from Empty The Rage or Silence The Voices, nor does it receive the latter's 12% chance to injure Krieg.
  • Buzz Axe Rampage cannot be activated during the few second duration of Hellfire Halitosis.


  • This skill is inspired by one of the tactics of the Burning Psycho.
  • Halitosis is a malady colloquially referred to as "bad breath."
  • This skill can also be used during Buzz Axe Rampage by pressing the melee button.

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