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Helicon is the fifth and final Omega Assassin Squad Leader sent to kill the Vault hunters. She is encountered outside of Fort Knoxx.



Elemental weapons, such as incendiary and corrosive weapons provide a useful way to ensure additional damage is continually dealt even while the assassins evade fire.

Skills that add the Daze effect to attacks- Striking, Mind Games, Bash, and Aerial Impact- are very useful for Vault hunters to use against Lance Assassins. Since the assassins move very quickly and are difficult to target, this skill will help to slow them down.


  • Helicon is by far the strongest of the five assassins, and it is advised that the player should stay as far away from her as possible while in combat.
  • When fighting assassins it is possible for them to fall into deep gullies and survive. This may make completing the mission impossible. Should this happen, restart the game and try again.
  • Helicon respawns along with Minerva if any of the other assassins in the Wanted: Dead! mission have not been killed.
  • Helicon isn't stunned by headshots like the other assassins before her; instead, she will perform a sideways combat roll and keep moving forward.